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65-year old man Married a 12-year old Lady!

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The busy street of Time Square in New York was alarmed when they saw a couple having their wedding pictures. It became controversial because the man is 65 and the girl is just 12 years old. Concerned poeple who witnessed the shocking scenario approached them and questioned the guy.

This is actually a social experiment to see how civilians would react to this kind of scenario.

A lady was staggered and questioned the intentions of the senior.

Certain people surrounded the couple and reacted about what they saw. Others even interceded to the situation.

A guy even told the man, "This is not right, you know this isn't right. You can not do this to a little girl."

Another lady tried to pull the girl out of the situation and tried to save her. She argued with the 60-year old man and convinced him to liberate the girl. You can watch the full video of the experiment below:

This is a clear picture that child abuse will not be acceptable. Every kid in the world deserves to have proper shelter, education, safety, food and a bright future. No one has the right to steal the opportunity of the youth to live a happy and normal life in order to have a selfish gain. What can you say about this social experiment? Just type your reactions below. :)

Source: CrackerDaily


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