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13 Ways Everyday Sex Can Benefit Your Health! READ HERE!

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Stressed? Feeling burdened? Sickly? Making love everyday can actually solve these problems for you! According to studies, having intercourse with your partner everyday can actually improve your health. See the list below:

1. Look Younger
According to the Scottish researcher who wrote the book "Secrets of Superyoung", David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, daily intercourse can actually slow down aging. 

2. Boost Your Fertility
Making love everyday can improve fertility both for men and women.  

3. Fights Colds and Flu
An antigen called 'Immunglobulin" which fights flu and diseases increases as the frequency of intercourse increases.

4. Lengthens Your Life
According to the study published by the British Medical Journal, men who engage in daily s*x often live twice longer than those who rarely do it. Since it releases happy hormones, it increases circulation of oxygen in the body.

5. Burn Lots of Calories
Since intercourse is considered a physical activity, doing it on a regular basis can help you shed off those extra calories!

6. No More Period Cramps
It regulates hormones in women which can help stabilize the menstruation cycle and lessen period cramps.
7. Less Risk of Incontinence
Incontinence is the inability to properly control the urinary bladder. Intercourse helps in keeping the urinary system healthy. 

8. Prevent A Heart Attack
Intercourse actually helps in reducing diastolic blood pressure, a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Paisley claims.

9. Become More Attractive
Making love make you produce more "endorphins" or more popularly known as the happy hormones, which affects your overall appearance.

10. Get Rid of Stress
During intercourse, the body produces more "dopamine", and oxytocin, which fights off the stress hormones.

11. Pain Relief
According to the study conducted by Dr. George E. Erlich, making love regularly can lessen different pain brought by conditions like arthritis and migraine.

12. Less Chance of Cancer
For men, daily ejaculation can lessen the risk of developing prostate cancer.

13. No More Sleep Problems
Intercourse works the same way as exercise as it increases the heart rate which lead to post-coital relaxation and induces sleep.


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