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12 Shocking Symbols in your Dream That Contain Alarming Representations

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Experts say that dreams are products of humans' subconscious mind. They say that the thoughts that roam around your brain throughout the day affect the dream that it will create once you are asleep. On the other side, history conveys the relevance of dreams to real life. Since the Old Testament of the Bible, dreams have been interpreted and symbolized as vital to the waking life.

There are a dozen of things that we need to be aware of since it is believed that they have effects to us if seen in our dreams. It may appear to be superstition, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Here is the list:

1. Boxes - Disappointment, secrecy and mystery
- A box in your dream represents a secret that your subconscious is trying to unleash. An empty box means that there are disappointments while a box being opened means that you have a will to disclose your secrets to others.

2. The act of Falling - anxiety, loss of control and risk
- The feeling of falling in your sleep means that there is a chance that you are losing control and is afraid of failure.

3. Cats - strength, Femininity and Spirituality
- It means strength, the subconscious gives hints that there is a link in the spirituality.

4. Teeth - Health, aging and appearance
- extracting a tooth means that you fear getting old. Be sure to live your life to the fullest.

5. Ants - Irritability, support and hard-work
- It symbolizes strong relationship towards the loved ones. There are others who are trying to cause problems in your daily life and putting pressure to everything you do.

6. Hair - liberty, sexuality and marital status
- It gives you an idea on how you should express yourself towards your partner.

7. Water - Uncertainty, ambition and risk
- It means that you are a risk-taker and willing to grab opportunities.

8. Flying - Positivism, courage and freedom
- It means that you are making a big decision in life and has a optimistic view in life.

9. Roads - Simplicity, destiny and travel
- This means that you are fond of travelling and that you need to achieve your long-term goals and desires.

10. Mud or clay - Unrest, immobility and growth
- There might be something that is keeping you anxious or the feeling that you are stuck in a situation. It might also signal that you need to move on.

11. Color green- Passion, love and healing
- When a color green appeared in your dreams in just means that you are satisfied and happy with your life.

12. Naked on public - Acceptance, assessment and vulnerability
- It means that you are willing to accept what others tell about you. You are vulnerable to any kind of temptations.

No matter where the interpretations and meaning of the said symbols would take us, it is equally important for us to have faith and maintain a healthy relationship with God. Share you experiences about your dreams below. :)

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