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Young Man Proposed to Ms. Pia Wurtzbach to Be His Prom Partner! Find Out What Her Reaction!

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Our Ms. Universe, Pia Wurtzbach made her own way to connect with her fellow Filipinos who weren’t able to interact with her in person. And it happened on Thursday; Ms. Pia Wurtzbach held a live question and answer portion on her Twitter account.

Anyone was allowed to ask anything they want to know about Pia. However, there is one question that really caught the attention of netizens. A Fil-Am teen from Texas asked Ms. Pie Wurtzbach a question, but not really things about her.

Jerel Labra posted his video with the guts on the said Q&A portion on twitter telling:
“I may not be as handsome as James Franco or as funny as Seth Rogen, or maybe as ripped as Channing Tatum, but I can say this, I am a runner-up. This is my question for you. Pia will you go to prom with me on April 23rd?”

After seeing the prom proposal, Ms. Wurtzbach immediately answered his question via video clip saying:

“I would love to go if my schedule permits. So we’ll see. I can’t promise anything yet right now, but your message was really sweet”
Pia admitted that it was the first time that there is a man who proposed to her.

Source: Inquirer


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