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Wedding is stopped by a voice at the back of the church - then bride turns around she gets a bigger shock!

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Tricia and Neil Swan were ordinary couples who were to be wed. On February 3, in their wedding in Kincasslagh, Ireland, their supposedly ordinary wedding gets interrupted by one voice at the back of the church and soon their wedding no longer seemed so typical after all.

With the ceremony nearing the end, a voice at the back of the church halted the ceremony leaving the bride and the groom completely surprised.

A man from one of the pews stood up and sang "How Great Thou Art" taking over the priest's supposed task. Even more surprising, other men stood up and joined in the singing until dozens were already in on it.

The huge surprise caught the couple off guard but nevertheless, everyone was moved to tears with just how beautiful the wedding turned out to be.

Watch the video below, it will leave chills down your spine! Don't forget to leave a comment in the comments section!

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