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WATCH: Willie Revillame Was Shocked With The Confession of The Contestant!

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A very inspiring story of one of the contestants of Wowowin was aired last February 3, 2017 on GMA channel 7. Delfin is from Bulacan, he used to play in a music band with his trumpet. He and his father were interviewed by Willie Revillame. It was a funny, but heart warming conversation between the two. Willie gave the father of Delfin a jacket, cell phone and karaoke.

When Vanne is being interviewed, the best friend of Delfin, everyone was shocked as Delfin confessed his feelings for his best friend. The audience became loud, cheering and teasing the two. Vanne also dedicated a song as her response to the confession of Delfin.

Watch the video below and see how Delfin admitted that he is in love with Vanne.

What can you say about the video that you have watched? Did you ever try to reveal your feelings for the one you love in public? 

Let me hear from you. Write your thoughts in the box below.

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