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WATCH: A Video Of A Guy Violated His Drunk Ex-Girlfriend!

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Self defense and self protection should be practiced by women. Especially at night, where the bad guys such as robbers and rapists are walking around on the streets and waiting for their victims. 

According to some reports, most of rape cases are committed by men who women know. Just like what happened to Shantal, who was taken advantage by her ex-boyfriend Tristan.

Shantal was invited by Tristan to drink with his friends. Together with Shantal’s friends, they accepted the invitation. After being drunk, Tristan brought Shantal to a room and violated her. Not only Tristan, but the other guys also molested her. 

After the tragedy, Shantal confessed to her mother and they filed a case against Tristan and his friends. Women should learn how to avoid this kind of crime to happen. Nevertheless, getting into this kind of situation is sometimes inevitable.

If you want to watch the video, you can go see here

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