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WATCH: Look What This Guy Did To The Sexy Girls In The Japanese Game Show! You Will Go Crazy!

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Japan is known for one of the best country when it comes to advanced technology. This country contributed a lot in electronic industry from their latest gadgets, appliances and other electronic materials up to high technology transportation such as bullet trains. 

But did you know that Japan is also known as the game show capital of the world. Lots of weird but funny game shows are being practiced in Japan. Just like this fun game that you will see in the video below. 

Watch the video below and see what happened.

The Japanese game is called “Close Up of Sleepy Faces”. The men were rating who has the cutest face among the girls while they were sleeping. The girl that failed the challenge will throw a pie and water on the face. 

So funny and cute, right? If you were given a chance to join this game, would you accept the challenge?

Write us your thoughts in the box below.

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