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WATCH: Legless Beggar's Secret Was Revealed by Removing His Trouser in Public!

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We typically see homeless people with disabilities along sidewalks who are begging for alms just to survive everyday living. Their situation seems so difficult that they lack security and safetiness against the busy and untamed streets of the city. However, there are a few who are great pretenders just to catch more attention to others.

A video in China is now circulating online and made the netizens surprised. They said the footage was a beggar who revealed his true identity in public. He seemed that his legs were amputated for some reasons. However, a bystander made a decision to pull off the beggar's trousers to prove that the beggar is lying. After the pedestrian successfully removed the trousers, the people were shocked on the real condition of the man which is not really disabled. The beggar had his trick by tucking his legs inside the trousers that made his legs tied up. The man got so embarrassed and quickly escaped to the scene as he was being noticed by some people who were gathering already.

After watching the video, I know that most of us now are thinking of other disabled persons may have the same modus, too. Less-fortunate people like them, probably, will not be able to read or watch this article for them to be taught a lesson, but I am hoping that the people around them will be able to remind them that doing such tricks for the sake of  getting more sympathy and eventually receive more money is not a bright and ideal thing. People help the people. People are willing to help for those who are really in need, not to those who are just disguising.

Watch the video below.

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