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WATCH: Billy Crawford Almost Had A Fight With Contestant On It's Showtime!

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A contestant on It's Showtime tested host Billy Crawford's patience when answering a very simple question. It all started when Vice asked the participant about his love life. 

"May girlfriend ka ba?" Vice asked.

"Yes po, tomboy po," answered the contestant, yung tomboy na tombay po yung naka boy cut at lalaki manamit."

It's at this point when Billy intervenes with his own question to the contestant.

"Saan na siya ngayon?" Billy asks.

"Uhm. Nasa kanila po." The contestant immediately realizes that his answer was quite vague and may not exactly have made sense.

Watch their video below.

This is exactly what Billy thought! In a funny twist the scenario becomes a hilarious one as the host starts to make disappointed expressions and acts like he was ready to start a fight with the interviewee. Vice pretends to stop him from starting reacting violently and everyone explodes with laughter.

Source: LF 

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