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Wanna Have Bigger and More Firm Breast? Try These 3 Simple Chest Exercises!

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The breasts are mainly composed of fats and glands. Without cosmetic surgery it is impossible to make them considerably larger or bigger. However, there’s a layer of muscle called pectorals that lies underneath your breast. These can be made larger by means of exercise, giving your breast a larger and firmer appearance. Making your breasts bigger and firmer with exercise will take a lot of time that a cosmetic surgery, but it is cheaper and a safe alternative.

This 10-minute workout video consists of 3 simple chest exercises that will show you how to get bigger and firmer breasts without putting yourself under the knife of cosmetic surgery.

Chest Press

This can be done on an exercise bench or floor mat and requires 2 dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use the 2 gallons of plastic bottles of milk as an alternative. By doing this exercise regularly, the pectorals muscles, shoulders and triceps will boost in strength.

Inclined Chest Press
This exercise can be done by inclining on a bench press or as an alternative you could use pillows at home to gain the desirable inclination. To perform the exercise, raise the dumbbells in line with your breasts then bring it down till you elbow reaches the ground. Do this repeatedly.

Chest Fly

This also requires floor mat and dumbbells. Same with chest press but the only difference is you will open your arms (like flying) while doing this exercise. This is good in enhancing the outside part of the breasts as well as the midsection for sexy cleavage.

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