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Viral: Vic Sotto Admits that Pauleen was Only His Second Priority?

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Throughout Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna's exchange of vows at their wedding reception at the Filinvest Tent, Alabang, Muntinlupa last January 30, Vic told Pauleen, “From this day forward, you will be my number two in my life.” Vic shared in an interview why Pauleen is 'number two' and he also revealed that she used to be in 6th place. "Number one, of course, God, Number 2 my children, Number 3 my family, Number 4 my job, that includes my career. Number 5 golf, Number 6 is my wife. She gets a little bit disappointed, but just to soothe her up, I said that she's more important than golf, of course.’" Vic shared.

“So, from number 5, she's now in the top two of my priorities. Which means that I love you and I will take care of you, and I wanna thank you, you and your family,” he sweetly added.

Vic then thanked his children for the understanding and also apologized if their status in his priorities changed. “I did apologize to my children.’ But I whole heatedly thanked them. I always say that it was not that easy for all of us to accept everything. But in this instance, I felt respect for all of you. I love you very much. Even you guys are just on 3rd of my list, I will still love you that much. And to you, my wife, my number 2, I love you forever,” he said.

Vic also did not forget to give thanks to Pauleen's family for accepting him.“Thank you so much for accepting me as part of your family. Thank you for the love, to the whole family.” He also found it funny that he doesn't know how to call Pauleen's father. "Pare na lang, if it's okay with you?" he suggested. Vic also stated that he already calls Pauleen's mother Chat 'Mother Lu' which is short for 'Mother Luna' but he still can't think of what to call his wife's dad.

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