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VIDEO: Alden and Yaya Dub's First Kiss Trends on Social Media!

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On their 32nd Weeksary of AlDub, Alden Richards kissed Maine Mendoza on the edge of her lips that made their fans go gaga in their seats. Fans and supporters have been waiting for this moment since July 16 last year where Aldub began.  The studio audience screamed till their lungs out and a lot of them were seen jumping up and down on the event.  They reported that it was a quick kiss, but AlDub did it with their eyes closed!

Alden and Maine insisted that it was not actually on the lips, but just at the edge of it. Looking at the video closely, Alden's lips touched the very edge of Maine’s lips. During the episode, Alden and Maine modeled the wedding collection for Maine’s business project. After the runway, Alden sang their theme song “God Gave Me You” and kissed Maine’s hand after singing.

While they were dressed as bride and groom, Lola Tinidora made the scene as a wedding ceremony which she asked Alden, “Alden, do you accept Yaya Dub as your wife in sickness and in health even though her grandmothers are like this”? Alden then immediately answered, “Yes, grandma”. The same question was asked to Yaya Dub and she also answered YES. Then Lola Tinidora continued with “Alden, you may now kiss the bride”.

Alden held Yaya Dub's chin and was ready to kiss her on her lips. But the bullhorn alarmed and they were caught in a freeze. After a few seconds, Alden kissed Maine at the very edge of her lips, which made Lola Nidora to complain.  Alden kissed Yaya Dub on the cheek to demonstrate and to convince Lola Nidora that a kiss near the lips is what actually happened. The episode ended up with Alden carrying Yaya Dub off the stage.

AlDub's first kiss. Forever na 'to. 󾌧 #VoteMaineFPP #KCA
Posted by Yaya Dub on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Source: Yaya Dub


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