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Vampire Caught on CCTV! UNBELIEVABLE!

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In reality, almost all of us knew about the legendary stories of vampires, we often see or meet people who are using it as a costume especially during Halloween parties. According to the story, Vampires are those immortal creatures that are sucking human blood to feed themselves.

In modern times, the stories about them are getting more realistic as some movies showed the possibility of the chances that they can reach the real world.

There is some myth about how humans can check if it is a positive vampire, like skins are more dead looking and has no reflection.

But? Can you believe that they really do exist in our world? This footage was recorded through the phone, and it shows a scene from a boutique store. Just concentrate on looking at the mirror of the shop. The first guy who passed the mirror side has his reflection, but the next guy didn't have. Watch how creepy this scene.

Vampire exist, man without reflection on mirror!.. Grabe! kinilabutan naman ako dun..
Posted by Trending News and Viral on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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