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Tips on How to Deal with your Girlfriend on her Red Days

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A woman’s body is very mysterious. Every single cell works and creates different results. I once watched a video of a mother giving birth and it’s so amazing. The mystery is more noticeable during red days. I believe because of hormonal imbalance, woman’s mood and reactions to certain things differ throughout their monthly period.

Men should not fight it because it is body’s natural reaction. Instead, they need to understand that loving a girl is also accepting that at some point, woman will have mood swings when there’s red signal. Below are tips on how to handle this situation better.

1. Attempt to understand what a woman feels during the month.
You will not really understand the mood swings but if you know what they truly experience and feel during menstruation, you will be thankful you were born as male. Headaches, anxiety, change in appetite, pain in the genital area, as well as feeling very tired or sleepy are typical signs of mood swings due to hormonal imbalance. Not to mention dysmenorrheal, an abdominal pain that can go up to be paralyzing. Just imagine the pain that a woman needs to endure, so before you lose your temper, try to empathize.

2. Assist her with the chores.
It will not make you less of a man if on some point, you help your woman do the chores. You actually prove masculinity because you do not let your girlfriend suffer the pain brought by her monthly period and the laundry. That’s being gentlemen dude.

3. Restore her confidence.
Repeatedly mention she is your one and only or give her a warm hug. This would be enough to make her feel your presence and your loyalty.
4. Assure your  love and desire for her.
Make your girl feel that you are sincere. By doing this, you can boost her confidence and make her feel way lighter.

5. Speak gently and do not show disgust.
If your partner has her own way in dealing with her situation, do not go against it. You will just put more fuel in the fire if you deal with this negatively. Loving her means accepting her whole being.

6. Prepare her favorite meal.
A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A cliché that is also applicable to this situation. Women find it hard to manage blood loss during her period and feeding her with her favorite will help a lot.

Proper communication is vital in a relationship. Miscommunication is one of the common causes of separation. Learning how to handle the behavior of your partner will boost your chance in reacting and relaying a message of love the proper way.

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