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This Man Has Been Insulted by a Saleslady at a Mobile Store! You Won't Believe What Happened Next!

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For those who work in retail, politeness is one very important thing to remember. 

Any customer knows that having to deal with judgmental salespeople when entering a store is one of the most frustrating things to experience while shopping. 

Sometimes, customers encounter salespeople who seem to think that they can tell how much a customer can spend just by looking at them. This can be very insulting and most people just let it slide to avoid conflict. 

However, there are those who can't tolerate rudeness. Sometimes, insulted customers will do whatever is possible to show that being rude to a potential buyer is not the way to close a deal. 

A sales lady at a cell phone store in Thailand who made the mistake of insulting a customer found out the hard way that rudeness in retail does not pay off.

The man just wanted to buy a cell phone, but the saleslady was too quick to assume - probably based on the man's appearance - that he did not have enough money to buy what he was asking for. The man did not like what the saleslady did at all, so he made quite a big scene afterwards.

Watch the video to find out the man's shocking answer to the saleslady's rudeness here:

According to sources, the man who was judged by the sales lady turned out to be quite wealthy. Wealthy enough to buy the whole store, in fact.

The video was shared by Facebook user, Siroje Chotipan from Thailand. 

Retailers be warned: Rudeness does not pay.

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