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These 5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016 Will Surely Make You Discomfit!

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NOSTRADAMUS, the most famous astrologer who ever lived, was born in France in 1503 and published his barely scriptable collection of prophecies. Each four-line verse (or “quatrain”) purported to foretell world events far into the future, and ever since Nostradamus’ time followers have claimed his work accurately predicted wars, natural disasters and the rise and fall of empires. If the aftermaths of past world catastrophes are any indication, we can expect to see a bumper crop of hidden tracts in the coming weeks and months purporting to show beyond a doubt that Nostradamus foresaw the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks of September 11, 2001.

So many spiritual believers begin searching for the Nostradamus future predictions for 2016. The predictions for 2016 are already starting to come in hot now and they are looking fairly interesting. Here are some of the Nostradamus’ predictions for 2916.

1. Unusual Weather Patterns
In his writings, Nostradamus mentioned unusual weather patterns and natural disasters that will intensify further than they already are. He described the events as where ‘Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath’. We are already seeing snow in the Spring time in many parts of the world. 2015 also saw the most frigid temperatures.

2. Asteroid to Impact to Earth
It is claimed that in April of 2016 that Russian scientists will spot a 5.6-mile wide asteroid on an impact course with Earth. In May of 2016, the asteroid is hypothetical to impact on either May 15 or May 17, and the resulting destruction will kill 1.2 billion people. This particular 2016 prediction has been covered in a previous Inquisitr article, and NASA says there’s nothing to fear yet.

3. Obama: The Last President
Nostradamus predicted that Obama would be victorious in the 2013 elections, but he also predicted that Mr. Obama would be America’s LAST president. Does that mean that the time has come for the United States to pass the torch to someone else? Who will be the next superpower? China? Russia? North Korea? Nothing is certain.

4. Explosions in the Middle East
Many explosions will transpire around the Middle East area, and Nostradamus said that planes will be falling from the sky in 2016. The Middle East has seen drastic changes and civil unrest the past 4 years. The Arab Spring has intensified civil wars in over 10 countries, including in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Somalia, Libya and Syria. We already saw the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Mar. 8, 2014. Another plane was almost torpedoed by a North Korean missile, 2 days before. Anything is possible.

5. World War III Prediction
Because of the development and use of nuclear weapons near the end of World War II and their subsequent acquisition and deployment by several countries, it is feared that a third world war could cause the end of human civilization and most or all human life on Earth. A common hypothesis is that a small number of people could survive such an Armageddon, possibly in deep underground blast shelters or away from Earth, such as on the Moon or Mars or in space vehicles.

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  1. No need to predict this things cause its already written in the Bible that this things will all happen, the most important is you know the answer when it comes to death.

  2. You will know what will be happen if you read the New Testament Bible in Revelation, it was written in the Bible.. Pls read..

  3. I know whatever happens god is always there and he wil guide us




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