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The Girlfriend Slapped her Boyfriend's Face while on the Big Wide Screen!

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Kiss Cam is a social game that happens in sports events in stadium or arena. It is like an ice breaker in the main event during timeout. It is a game where the camera is roaming around and looking for a couple. The time when the couple see their faces on the screen they should kiss each other.

But don't you know that this Kiss Cam can sometimes an epic failed?

One couple spotted by kiss cam in a stadium. The guy grabbed his girlfriend and kissed her on  the lips. Suddenly, the girlfriend stopped him and slapped the boyfriend on the face. The crowd was too loud as they were shocked of what happened. But the girlfriend was not contented, she threw away the stuff toy and popcorn, and poured the drink on her boyfriend's head. She didn't want to be a part of the kiss cam.

The guy was embarassed. The other girl on the side of him immediately kissed the guy to save him from embarassment and they went away together, leaving the girlfriend alone. Watch the video below, to see the real score!

Source: DailyDigest


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