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Teenage Girl Fakes Her Kidnapping Case Just to Stay with Her New Boyfriend!

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Malaysia- One minor 14-year-old girl was going viral in Malaysia after her parents reported that she is missing and they thought that it was all kidnapping cases. December 2015, when this news released from Port Klang and spread online.

But, recently they found out she just staged her own kidnapping to be with someone she just met. According to the Selangor Police Chief Datuk Abdul Samah Mat, Nur Amirah Abdul Majid was found last New year's Eve five days after she reported as missing by unknown someone. She was found together with 19-year-old and 6-year-old girl inside a car in Bating.

When Nur brought into their home, she confessed that she just set up her own kidnapping case because she doesn't want to go home and she chooses to stay with her boyfriend.

“The phone conversation between the girl and her god sister are supposed to be a kidnapping by two men in a white van that went viral on the Internet was not true,” said Chief Abdul Samah. Nur said that during that time, she is staying with his boyfriend's 43-year-old man's house.

The two men were subject to suffer for their consequences they are jailed as they are dis-abiding the Malaysian law for minors. It is under Section 363 of Malaysia’s Penal Code, which is the “offense of abducting a teenage girl under the age of 16 years old without the agreement or consent of her legal guardians.”

Source: TheDailyPedia


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