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QCPD Bans Cops From Arresting Lovers Who Are Performing Intimate Acts Inside Their Cars!

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Arresting and extorting money from couples who are doing intimate acts inside their cars has been a source of extra income for some police officers in Quezon City. According to ABS-CBN, these officers accuses lovers of indecency just so they could extort money from them.

To prevent this kind of corruption, the city's top police official, Chief Superintendent Richard Albano, ordered the cops to leave lovers who are performing intimate acts inside their cars alone. 

The official said that it is not their priority. Moreover, Albano's orders were initially announced back in 2014.

"That is not our priority. Our priority is the anti-crime campaign," the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) director said.

Albano also explained that doing intimate acts inside a car is not considered a criminal offense as it is being done in a private space.

"It is within the privacy of one’s car, so there is nothing alarming or scandalous in that," Albano added.

The police general's order came after the arrest of two Galas policemen who were accused of extorting PHP 20,000.00 from a couple they accused of indecency while their car was parked in New Manila.

“I will personally hold all station commanders responsible for their men if another extortion incident happens like this again,” Albano said, as he issued his directive to the QCPD's 12 police station commanders.

Meanwhile, the police officials who were involved in the extortion scandal, Police Officers 1 Ronaldo Englis (39) and Ronald Mansibang (28) were dismissed from their duties.

PO1 Christopher Lucky Dee dela Peña, who was also involved in the scandal, has gone into hiding, according to QCPD Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit head Chief Inspector Rodel Marcelo.
QCPD Bans Cops From Arresting Lovers Who Are Performing Intimate Acts Inside Their Cars!

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