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Pinay Wins Over ‘MMA fight’- like struggle

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Well, do not ever underestimate the power of Filipinas. May it be on talent shows, sports, beauty pageants and any other fields, Pinays will always be at the top. Just like at the video we found circulating around the internet, the girl provoked a Pinay and the worst thing happened. Watch the video below and you’ll find out the real reason.

Warning: This video includes violence and may not be suitable for children.

Never ever bully a Filipina.. -link-
Posted by Trust me, I'm a Genius on Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It may be funny to some but it is actually sad that this happened. We can always attain peace if we learn to listen, and we will be able to listen if we start shutting up. We cannot arrive into something meaningful if we observe violence.

Share your thoughts below about the video. :)

Source: TMIG


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  1. And of course the idiot bullying her was Australian. As a reluctant Australian, I am sorry. My country is in a disgracful state with its racism.
    Go Pinay lady! :)




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