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Moymoy Asked Angelica Feliciano to do Something Challenging..What She Did Really is Amazing!

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A very young pretty and talented Angelica Feliciano is known for her numerous mashup video on Youtube. She became one of internet sensation after showing her amazing talent online. She is really focusing on her own way of giving entertainment by combining the songs with her angelic voice and heartfelt strumming.
Angelica is now labeled as Mashup Princess online after singing the a lot of most wanted song together in one shot. This beautiful talented girl will surely rock your music.

The latest thing that Angelica did is when she got the chance to sing with Moymoy palaboy who also join "Asia's Got talent" portion and one of the comedians in television and social media networks. Moymoy asked Angelica to strum only four chords tune then they will sing any song that will fit on it.
4 CHORD MASHUP ni roadfill & Angelica Feliciano
I asked Angelica Feliciano to play a guitar in 4 chords na sinabi ko pero ang galing niya dahil ang dami niyang naipasok na kanta at ako pa ang nahirapan mag isip ng songs na isasagot ko. Heres our mashup songs in 4 chords. Enjoy!ito ang chords D F# Bm G - no capo C Em Am F - 2nd capoSpecial Thanks to Idol Tap
Posted by Moymoy Palaboy on Friday, February 5, 2016

Moymoy was really amazed with what Angelica did, he totally admitted that he almost finish all the songs that he knows, he really claimed that this young girl has different and outstanding talent. Watch the whole scene below and be really to be amaze too with this pretty talented girl.

Source: Moymoy Palaboy


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