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John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo Flew to Balesin

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I have never been a fan of love teams since I watched 'One More Chance.' I find them exaggeratedly cheesy but this on-screen couple has an unexplainable chemistry that made me hooked.  John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo really made me cry like a baby during that 'ako nalang ulit' scene. But the rumors of them making their supposedly showbiz loveteam a reality, create a lot of doubts to 'chikkadoras' . What is the real score between the two?

We were all rocked when the news about Zanjoe and Bea split up went out viral. After that, it was rumored that Angelica Panganiban followed her ex, Derek Ramsay again on Instagram. Worse, was about Angelica and John Lloyd calling it quits.
Image from: WhenInManila
Another hot gossip is John Lloyd and Bea went to Balesin Island. According to the tabloid site Bandera, they hired a two-seater private jet for this getaway. Even validating the reliability of the source, saying that he is a cousin of the pilot. Woooahhh!

Image from: Bandera
If Popoy and Basha will be a real couple, it is their right to love each other. We don't have the right to judge them. However, while they enjoy each other's arms, all issues should be addressed. This might just be a plain gossip or an inevitable truth. Whatever this may be, we are open for both sides.

Popoy and Basha fans, share your thoughts below. :)

Source: WhenInManila / Bandera


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