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James Reid and Nadine Lustre: A colorful journey to being a real-life couple

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All of the 'Otwolistas' and Jadine fans went wild and crazy, as James Reid and Nadine Lustre hit the concert stage in Araneta Coliseum last Saturday, February 20. Aside from the delightful performances, everyone was shocked as Reid uttered to Lustre the magic words, 'I love you,' at the end of the concert, confirming that they are finally on.

The couple mentioned in an interview with ABS-CBN after the concert, that they made it official last 11th of February. James said he was just waiting for the right time to publicize it and he felt that the concert was perfect.
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Reid also revealed how he courted Nadine in a separate interview last Sunday. He stated that they have been seeing each other for a few months already before they finally became official. Reid also shared that he made the courtship the most traditional way possible. James said, "For me, I guess, because I am Australian, I grew up in Sydney, the way that we court girls, it’s different there. But, of course, the first person to know was her father. I asked permission from him first a while back. I tried to keep that Filipino tradition.”

He furthermore revealed what precisely happened when he asked Lustre to be his girlfriend. James stated, “Actually, gusto ko talaga siya i-surprise sa concert night itself. I was supposed to save it ‘til then. I wasn’t gonna say it until (the concert).” Reid added, “And then on the 11th, we went out for dinner. I was like, ‘I bet you didn’t know I could be like this.’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, I didn’t really expect this from you.’ I said, ‘It’s different when I’m in love.’ And then she said, ‘Are you in love?’ And then I thought, you know what, right now is the right time. I told her, ‘Yes, I am.’ She knew what I was talking about.”

He gladly shared how Nadine reacted towards the situation. Reid said, “She literally sat there smiling and just said, ‘Kilig ako!’”
Image Source: @jaye.wolf Instagram
We congratulate them for being lovers. All eyes are focused on you and we are hoping for a happy ever after. We are sure you will have a long way to go. Will it be towards wedding bells? Or will there be a 'Simon' between the two? Hoping for the former, right :)

Share your thoughts and comments below. :)

Source: ABS-CBN 


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