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His Girfriend left Him Because He is Poor; The Story Ended in the Most Awkward Way

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Many people set standards in choosing their partner. Some are so ideal that it becomes elusive. Appearance, maturity and financial capability are major factors especially for girls. A relationship is most likely to end if one of these becomes a failure.

Based on a true story, this is an evidence that financial stability is a chunk that a girl considers in a relationship. She felt that her boyfriend is coward and useless. She was afraid about their future because her man cannot provide her needs. Hence, she dumped him.
The poor man eventually took the situation as a challenge. He did everything to make it to the top. He made sure that the next time he will be seeing his ex-girlfriend, she will be succumb with shame and regret. Destiny paved way into the most awkward situation. The woman was slapped with the turn of events. Scroll down and see... Watch the video here:

This is a lesson for all that love should not be based on tangible things. Love is magic. The reason why we want to be with a person is obscure but definitely pure. It should be an innate feeling that is not measured. Why? Because the moment that we miss our faith into the reason we tend to lose our grip. Moreover, worse unfortunate events unfold. :)

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