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Heart Stopping Hostage Taking Scene in Cebu!

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CEBU CITY-  just this last January 2016 there was a hostage-taking scene that turned out to have a crowd cooperation rescue, the suspect received numerous injuries which people claimed that it's all what he deserved after his hostage and stabbed an innocent lady.    

The victim's name is Lenneth Enjambre, 30 years old, she had a serious wound on her left leg and upper left arm and she was immediately brought to the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

She is a vegetable vendor at Tabada public market in the Barangay Mambaling Cebu City, she was on her stand when suddenly this man grabbed her.   According to some witness, this hostage taker just took the knife from a nearby meat shop and pulled her to walk with him pointing the knife on her.

The victim tried to cover herself with her hand, but still it reaches her body.  Wilson Silvano a brave lechon manok attendant who hit the head of the hostage taker that is why people got the chance to flog him that cause him so many injuries.  

Eto po yung actual video nung Hostage Taking sa Mambaling Cebu, walang awang pinagsasaksak nung lalaki yung babae, nakakaawa po talaga yung sinapit ng babae, dahil sa krimeng ginawa binugbog ng taong bayan yung hostage taker
Posted by Trending News and Viral on Monday, January 25, 2016

Source: Cebu Daily


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  1. Fairy Tail pala sumaklolo e. Wala talaga kalaban laban ang hostage taker.




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