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First Pregnant Man is Finally Back in Shape!

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The world was shocked when the first considered man was able to conceive. Thomas Beatie, who was born as a woman in Hawaii, 1974 as Tracy Lagondino. Since then, he said he really felt like being a man. He began building up his dream by taking up testosterone injections during his twenties. It made his voice lower, his facial hair more visible and his sexual organ minimize.

Beatie made the biggest decision of his life in 2012. He had his 'breasts' removed by mastectomy, while his wife Nancy Beatie, decided to get rid of her uterus by hysterectomy.

For more than 8 years, Thomas ceased from taking testosterone and they decided to have a baby. He kept his female reproductive organs. They bought sperm from an unknown male and he had artificial insemination. Though Thomas had an ectopic pregnancy, he apparently conceived with their first baby Susan in 2007.

After giving birth to their first born, they immediately had their other 2 children after taking turns in stopping testosterone.

The first male mother has came back into shape now. Toned and stocky, a sure hunk just 12 months after giving birth to their 3rd child. He now lives happily with his family in Arizona after being overwhelmed with the world’s attention. At 37 years old, he is still taking testosterone to maintain his physique and enjoying a normal and complete life with Nancy and their offspring. 
Watch their video below:

Source: DailyMail


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