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Father Lost His Baby After Allegedly Being Denied of Medical Attention!

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Doctors and nurses are the backbone of our health care and medical system. Of course, many other medical professionals, such as orderlies, radiology technicians and dietitians are employed in the health care industry, but the majority of diagnosis and patient care is performed by doctors and nurses. Doctors diagnose and treat patients, including prescribing medications and what the patient needs. The life of every patient lies in their hands.

A devastated father shared his experience on Facebook where a certain hospital in Manila, and a doctor denied the medical attention that his wife needed. This resulted of losing their stillborn child. Andre Pelayo wrote how the hospital did not take any immediate action and consideration for his wife. The doctor’s reason is money.

While his wife is bleeding non-stop, the doctor advised that they cannot support the medication because they don’t have enough money. Andre begged the hospital and the doctor to have his wife be admitted to the hospital because of the serious medical condition. But still, the doctor insists that they required to have the payment first before doing any medical attention.

Saddened by the case Andre together with his wife looked for another hospital. When they finally reached the hospital the baby was delivered dead. The baby doesn’t have a sign of breathing. Still, they are thankful because his wife still recovered and prevented the poison that might cause serious problem.

Source: Danified


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