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Eliminate Dust Mites on your Bed!

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Bed is a piece of furniture used as a place to sleep and relax. It is also one of our comfort zone. But what would you feel if you will know that there are millions of dust mites on your bed? Do you still feel relax and comfortable?

Dust mites are tiny arachnids (kin to scabies and spiders), where you can find in carpets, mattresses and upholstered furniture. At about 0.25-.3mm in length, dust miles are not really visible to the naked eyes.

The waste products of dust mites are mix to into the air you breathe and here where the problem starts. Your immune system starts to react because the substances from dust mites can actually weaken your body. The way the immune system reacts to the waste products of dust mites give you bad symptoms such as itching, coughing, wheezing and congestion.

Even you are taking anti-histamine to relieve allergy you cannot escape from the side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, blurred vision and even moodiness. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America or AAFA says that as many as 20 million people in the United States have dust mites allergy. Long term exposure to the waste products of dust mites might lead to serious disease such as asthma and sinus infection.

Why waiting for the dust mites to bring you down? Here are some things you can do to 
eliminate them. Dust mites cannot live in hot temperature. Allow your bed to place under the direct sunlight and the dust mites will die. Also wash your beddings once in a week, preferably hot water so they cannot harm your immune system and you can have a very good sleep.

The Unknown Micro World : Dust Mites

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  1. To limit dust mites, I use only a few simple methods such as vacuuming my house and washing pillow and bedding covers every month, adjusting the humidity in the house to 40-50%... They are quite effective.




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