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Drug Addict from Carcar Who Raped 4-Month-Old Baby Now Arrested!

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Just this week, news broke out after a 40-year-old man who visited Carcar city allegedly raped a four-month-old baby.

The man identified as Jonathan Marfe has been arrested today by the police authorities in Barangay Perrelos, Carcar city 10 meters away from the home of the family's victim. According to the police, he was arrested at the home of his live-in partner in Carcar.

Marfe came from the town of Catigbian in Bohol province. He has arrived in Perrelos early this week, Monday, together with his live-in partner who originally came from the village, shared Carcar police Chief Inspector Jose Liddawa.

The man is already facing charges in Bohol for attempted rape and is currently unemployed. He is also a suspected drug user.

Fortunately, Marfe was arrested today after the police received reports from one of his friends that he was seen entering the victim's house in the middle of the night before midnight on Wednesday.

That was also the very moment when the infant was said to have been taken from the home while her mother was sleeping. Unfortunately,  only curtains served as the door for the little shanty.

The infant was found 100 meters away from her house bloodied with her diaper and a bottle of coconut near her. According to physicians, the blood found were from the lacerations in her private part confirming that she was raped.

The Carcar police chief said Marfe and his friends had been drinking on the night of the incident. After many of the residents from the neighborhood noted that they were the ones awake on Wednesday night, the men were invited for questioning.

It was then on when one of the men confessed that Marfe was seen going inside the house of the victim.

However, police are still waiting for results of the saliva swab to confirm if the results would match the samples taken from the coconut wine which was seen on the place of crime.

Sources: LF / Inquirer

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