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Do's and Dont's to Avoid Forming of Pimples!

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Pimples are produced when the sebacious glands in the pores of your skin are infected by the bacteria. It swells up and will have pus. You can have it on the face, neck, chest and other parts of the body which you sweat more often.

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Here are some things that cause your pimples:

Make Up
Our skin has different types. So you must use the kind of make up that suits your skin type.

Touching and Rubbing Your Face
Avoid touching your face. You might transfer the bacteria from your hands to your face that can cause pimples. Use clean cloth in wiping your face or make up pads when applying make up.

Oil, Bacteria and Dead Skin 
These are also cause of pimples. When the oil and dead skin blocked in your pores the sebum starts to build up and infected.

Stress is another factor that cause your pimples. When you are stress, you are producing more adrenaline and adrenaline cause sebacious glands that creates more sebum.

If you are inherited to produce more sebacious glands and dead skin then you will have skin infections such as pimples because clogging these things in your skin cause pimples to come out.

Personal hygiene is very important. It is the way how to clean your body. Washing your skin helps to reduce sebum that cause pimples.

Digestive Tracks
It is very significant that you watch what you eat. Avoid fatty and oily food that can make your skin oily too. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to have a healthy skin.

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