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Controversial: Spending $14,000 to be Like Disney Princess!

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Yes, more than $14,000 spent for dresses, wigs and make up to look like fairy tale princesses. That is how Sarah Ingle, shows the world how she really loves Disney princesses. She has splurged $12,000  (£8,500) on 17 outfits and $ 2,100 (£1,500) on 16 wigs to make her look like Cinderella, Snow White and Elsa from Frozen.
Sarah is a full time marketing manager from Denver, Colorado, spends her rest days dressing like pricesses and charges $ 140 (£100) per hour performing at children's parties and some events.

"It takes a lot of time to get into the outfits because they have lots of layers that tie up at the back. Then I have a different wig and makeup look for each princess. I also have to contour my face when I play Aurora from Sleeping Beauty because my face is much rounder than hers", she said.

Derek Van Schaik, 30, Sarah's boyfriend is a finance analyst who also dresses like a prince to complement her character.

Ariel from the Little Mermaid is Sarah's favorite outfit because she needs to wear a red wig and tail and become mermaid for the day.

"And as I have hazel eyes, I have to wear blue contact lenses for the Little Mermaid and Elsa from Frozen", she said.

Sarah needs to contour her face to look more like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.
She also dresses up as fairy tale characters as Bella from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Princess Merida from Brave, Snow White and Elsa and Anna from Frozen.
"Nothing makes me happier than seeing the look on children's faces when they see their favourite princess arrive at their party- it's magical", she said.

Sarah is a full time marketing manager and dresses as Disney princess on weekend performing at parties and events.

She has 17 different princess outfit including Snow White dress and with a short black curly wig.

Wearing cape and gown with pigtail plaits.

"People often compliment me on my looks when I'm in character, and children always think I'm a real princess which is lovely", she said. She also performs at hospitals and care homes, dancing and acting in front of children for free.

 "Last year I spent Christmas Day at a nursing home dressed as Snow White, and it was just wonderful to see how much all of the residents enjoyed themselves. I'll never forget the day that I was asked to perform for a little girl who was celebrating the beginning of a break from her cancer treatments. Seeing her face light up as she sang along with me was just incredible and it was just the most amazing day", Sarah said.

Sarah, right, together with her sister Emily Ingle, looks naturally like princess with big eyes.

She is using wig cap before wearing one of the princess outfit to look more realistic.

She also dressed as Rapunzel with her long hair tied into a plait with flowers on it while wearing a pink cute dress.

In January 2015, Sarah launched her own party events business. She was wearing a forest green dress to be Princess Anna from Frozen together with her boyfriend Derek Van Schaik. Derek also dressed up like a prince.
"Derek absolutely loves me as a princess and he's beyond supportive. He never gets sick of me singing Disney songs around him, which most boyfriends might find annoying. I have even convinced him to dress as my prince for some jobs and he really gets into character which is really sweet", she said.

Sarah spent Christmas last year at Holly Nursing Center in Denver giving inspiration to the patients.

She has 5,000 followers on Instagram, when she was starting to document her princess look two years ago.
'I am amazed by all of the support I receive on Instagram. I receive many lovely messages commenting on my appearance which is really encouraging. I rarely receive any negative attention, but If I do I just shrug it off", she said.
The biggest dream of Sarah is to become an official princess for Disney one day and if will be given a chance, she would love to be Ariel.
"It would certainly be a dream to be a real Disney princess - I'd love to be Ariel. I have friends who work at Disney, and I am super jealous. I've been to Disney World in the past and I'm looking forward to going again in March. Maybe one day I can go for an audition and they'll give me my dream job, Sarah said.

Source: DailyMail


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