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CAUGHT ON ACT: Guy Does Something Extremely Unbelievable to This Lady Passenger Inside a Jeep!

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Commuting in the Philippines is like going to an all-out war in the urban jungle. You'll experience getting pushed, shoved, and even robbed if you're not at all extra careful. The worst encounter is when you get sexually harassed.

Many people do not know that even the mere act of showing your genitals to the public--or to someone--counts as harassment. It marks you an exhibitionist and leaves the victim traumatized.

The case that Facebook user Elle Danganan Villanueva shared is not so different--a friend of her showed a footage of a man touching himself in public, right inside the jeepney where everyone could see.

Villanueva wrote, "kuya alam namin na libre magm*st*rb*te but really in public bawal po, kabastusan na po un, konting hiya at repesto naman, kitang Kita na sa video ng friend ko na kung paano mo galaw galawin yang ano mo."

CAUGHT ON ACT: Guy Does Something Extremely Unbelievable to This Lady Passenger Inside a Jeep!

According to her, she was utterly surprised that there are people like these who still exist and that they should be shameful they are doing it in public. She continued, "I mean kahit nasa public na wala padin hiya, gagawin at gagawin nila ung mga ganitong bagay, pls do share."

Villanueva is not sure if it was her friend who was being looked at by the man, but it was evident that he was stroking himself inside the jeepney. The video started with the man seemingly scratching his inner thigh, but upon further look, he appeared to be touching his genitals. The act lasted for almost two minutes.

See the whole footage here!

Disgusting, right? What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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