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Billy Confronts Vice About On Their Misunderstanding

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Vice Ganda and Billy Crawford talked on It's Showtime about an instance when they had a serious misunderstanding just recently.

Apparently, the two co-hosts were going to meet at some place on Billy's request to hitch a ride to BGC.

However, since they were only communicating through text, Vice misunderstood Billy's message saying, 

"On our way na!"

Vice interpreted inaccurately thinking Billy was no longer in need of a ride and was instead already on his way to where they were headed.

"Ako pa pala yung iniwian." Vice said recalling how he felt after reading the text.

Thinking he was no longer waiting for anyone, Vice went on his way not knowing he was actually leaving behind his friend. What Billy meant with his message was that he was in fact on his way down the escalator to meet Vice!

"Ang lesson dito... wag mo kasi akong iniingles!" Vice jokes Billy.

Watch the video below.

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