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Announcement from Radio Saved the Life of a Drunk Lady!

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Riding a taxi cab is the easiest and fastest way to go to your destination especially in the middle of the night. 

Now a days, there are a lot of bad issues involving taxi drivers. Like asking for extra payment for the fare, refusing passengers if they don't want to go to that place, etc. Not all, but most of the issues are the abusive ways of taxi drivers on how they treat their passengers. 

One case happened in India. The lady was calling a taxi cab, she was drunk. The taxi driver was kept on staring at her and there was something strange with the way he looked at the lady. The lady didn't notice it because she was fell asleep. The driver drove the car in an isolated place and stopped the car. He went to the back seat and acted that he will do something bad with the drunk lady. He stopped when he heard the radio announcer said that "The Supreme Court of India has announced that rape accused now hanged till death within 30 days." The driver went back to driver's seat and drove the lady to her destination.

Source: Kristen Stewart


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