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A Dead Child's Way of Expressing His Love to His Mom

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A kiss, a hug or a present – these are the most common ways of expressing affection to a person. Even to our beloved parents, we always want to make them feel they are special.

But this morning is quite a surprise. There is a child (assumed as ‘child’ on the comments) that made her mom feel his presence in his own wake. With a love song in the background, the kid allegedly made a white balloon fly towards where his mom is sitting. As the balloon drifted and circled his mother, she started weeping in misery. She even uttered some words attempting to respond to her child’s unique expression of love, but because of the overwhelming act, she just cried until the end of the video.

Take a heartfelt look at the moment here:

A Dead Child's Way of Expressing His Love to His Mom
A surprising way of a dead child in expressing his love to his mom in his own wake.
Posted by The Confidential Files on Thursday, February 11, 2016

If this video is not edited or fabricated, then it is really heartbreaking and touching. There is really no distance or reason for us not to make our loved ones feel how much we value them. It’s just so sad that it happened, in this instance, in a child’s own wake.

Share the video below and spread love to everyone. :)


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