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A Boy Blaming his Mom Why They become Poor!

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Our parents are the ones who give us unconditional love. They are the ones who give us support and provide our needs. They are always there to listen and to understand us even sometimes we are hard to understand.

Parents do sacrifice just to give us what we wanted. They are also there to guide us and support us in many ways. Those are some characteristics of our parents that can never be repay with any price.
In this story, a boy raised by his single mother, always feel embarassed of how poor they are. He is always complaining of what kind of life they have and compares the way of their living with other people. One day, he got troubled because his classmates was bullying him and called him "rubber boy". When he got home he had fight with his mother and asked her to work harder so that they will be rich and have enough money for the living. The mother said to him to go to work with her so he will learn how to earn money.

Most of the time we are always complaining of what kind of life we have and why it is hard to live in this world. Instead of complaining why we just stop and think that we should be thankful because we have family that we can lean on and always there for us. We have friends who are always there to listen and be with you no matter what. Remember this, it is not always about the money!

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