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9 Bad Habits That Are Making Your Periods More Painful

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Menstruation is a monthly bleeding of a woman. It is the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. The first period usually experience at early year between 11 and 15 years old. 

The monthly period happens due to the rise and fall of the hormones. It is a process of thickening of the lining of the uterus and the growth of an egg. Around 14 days of the cycle, from the ovary, the egg was released. The ticketing lining of the uterus supply nutrients to an embryo after implantation. If the pregnancy does not happen, the lining is released and that is called menstruation

According to the reports, almost 80% of women experience some of these symptoms prior to menstruation, such as acne, tender breasts, bloating. feeling tired, irritable and some mood changes.

In line with this, here are the things you need to consider when having your monthly period. 
1. Change your sanitary pad every 3-5 hours. Regardless if you are having a heavy or low flow of blood. This is to avoid infection and produce an unpleasant odor.

2. There are cases that you experience abdominal pain such as menstrual cramps, so do not add pain to your body like having waxing or scheduled your teeth for a root canal.

3. Avoid having sexual intercourse during your period. It can cause infection in your body.

4. Get yourself free from any extreme exercises, it might put your health at risk.

5. Do not skip meals during your menstrual period because your body is losing energy and blood. You must have enough food for the nutrients in your body.

6. Do not eat in the middle of the night because your digestive will not digest those foods that might harm your body.

7. It is recommended to have a good sleep to relax your body from the tension that you experience all day.

8. As much as possible, avoid drinking milk, it contains arachidonic acid that cause inflammation and cramping.

9. Make yourself stress free, avoid things that can make you upset like listening to sad songs and watching tragic movies.

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