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Watch: How your Nails Gives you Warning Signs and Alerts About Your Overall Health Condition!

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One way of knowing your health position is by looking at your fingernails. Your nails could show history of your recent health and physiological problems and has been used as an investigative tool since ancient times. 

Observe your fingernails in a regular basis and you can see that there some unremarkable varieties in the color as well as in the texture. Some cases your fingernails may indicate a more serious health problem in liver, lungs or heart. Here are five signs your nails wants to tell you about your health.

1. Brittle or Crumbly Nails
This can be a result of aging or long exposure to detergents or nail polish. It can also be an indication of fungal nail infection, psoriasis or thyroid disease.

2. Discoloured Nails
YELLOW – indicate ailments such as liver problem, sinus infection, and thyroid gland problem and lung infection.
GREEN – a sign of bacterial infection that usually occurs under loose nails
BLUISH/PURPLE – this may indicate an oxygen deprivation
BROWN – sign of thyroid disease or malnutrition.

Fingernails that are half white at the bottom and half brown near the tips could be an indication of kidney failure or AIDS.

3. Loose Nails
This is when the fingernails loose and separate from the nail bed, it might be an injury or infection. It can also be a thyroid disease, poor circulation or allergic reaction to medicine.

4. White Lines Running Across the Nails
Don’t be confused with white spots that are normal. When the lines are parallel white across the nails, it could be a sign of low levels of protein in the blood which can cause malnutrition or liver disease.

5. Dark Stripes Running Down the Nails
It may be an indication of skin cancer called subungual melanoma that affects only one nail.

It is still best to consult your doctor for the appropriate steps that you need to take for the possible abnormality of your fingernails.

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