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Watch How Brave 'Daryl' of 'The Walking Dead' is After Being Pranked by His Own Production Team!

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Walking Dead is one of the famous horror American TV drama series that reaches around the television world. It is based on a comic book series that really captured the heart of their fans. The story was about the survival throughout the people who are infected by virus, people who bitten by this infected person will become one of them, a zombie.

The filmed series was so fascinating and extremely horrifying, actors and actress of this Walking Dead are delivering their characters very well, that is why it became more realistic. But, one time, Norman Reedus is also known as Daryl in "Walking Dead" experienced a different kind of prank.

The scene is Reedus was asked to attend a TV interview in a hotel. The production team wants to give him the real feeling of having zombie in a real life, so they come up with the idea to put make up on someone who can pretend as a zombie. Watch how funny is his reaction with this prank.


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