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WATCH: A Death Execution Failed! Look What Happened After Inserting The Lethal Injection!

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Lethal injection is an execution of injecting one or more drugs into a person for the express purpose of causing immediate death. It has three major drugs that are being used, sodium thiopental to induce unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide (pavulon) for the paralysis of muscle and respiratory arrest and potassium chloride to make the heart stops from beating.

It was first developed in the United States. And became a legal method of execution in some countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand and Guatemala. 

Many countries are using Lethal injection as a punishment for heavy crimes. 

But what is really going on during the execution of this Lethal injection? 
Watch the video below to see how this punishment is being executed.

What can you say about the video that you have watched? Are you convincing that Lethal injection is recommended as one form of execution for criminals?

Let me hear from you, feel free to write your comments below.

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  1. I was crying while watching this video. Seeing a healthy body being killed is such a horrible sight. My mom died a year ago because of heart attack, we did our best to save her but we failed. It's so painful to see a precious life intentionally taken away while others struggle to keep it. :(

    1. My father also died last November 7,2016 and it pains me to see that video. It's painful to watch a man being killed intentionally and I don't think death is a right punishment for criminals. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, a chance to change his self. No matter how heavy or bad his crimes are, still... death is never the answer

  2. Cause he did heavy crime. So this is the punishment. Still not good and heavy to the feeling.. Feeling sorry to the family of the prisoner. It's so hard!

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  4. Im a grade 11 student and I think its not the people that should be killed but its the poverty,corruption etc. that should be stop for it is the cause why an ordibary person commits crime.

  5. Could you be in the room with him and watch him die like that? After imprisonment? After clearly being sorry?

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  7. Homicide is a criminal act. It doesn't matter whether a human being is pretending to be a judge or a prison officer or something else, they are not absolved from that fact. I don't know the details of what this guy did, but the fact that these "rocket scientists" who make their living working for a prison (and get paid an insulting $300 for killing a fellow human) can't kill him properly indicates that they should show restraint when killing even murderers. Yes it's shocking and ultimately disgusting, but the whole legal profession are pretty dishonest. "Cruel and unusual". It certainly was.

  8. dont push the man to do that fucking thing motherfuckers to sentence by death to that fucking criminals , because god doesnt want to man pushed to be die..

  9. hang or shoot him or cutting his head is good idea.for not wasting of time if he is a criminal

  10. we need death penalty for the person who is truly criminals.for killing the innosent people

  11. If Joseph did not die from this incident, the he is free to go.. well, punishment has been executed and he survived from the careless mistake of the executions.. u executed, put in the lethal injections, punishment is done, he survived, he shall walk away as freeman..




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