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WARNING: Fake Coca Cola Products Being Sold Inside the Country!

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For soda lovers, the information that you will see could be a bit shocking because you might be one of the many unlucky Coca Cola and Sprite consumers, who have unknowingly taken fake drinks. As it outrageously comes out, someone has been making plastic bottled drinks in Kenya, branding them like Coca Cola and then going ahead to supply the product to shops and supermarkets. Photos evolving in social media show how the drink is made in what looks like a ‘wannabe factory’ full of dirt and unsanitary containers.

A community Facebook group named Filipino Netizens shared photographs of what seems to be selling fake Coca Cola products being made. Complete from chemicals to packaging, it seems that this "wannabe factory" adds extra ingredients too. With all the dirt around, it won't be a surprise if someone will get sick after drinking one of their so-called Coca-Cola products.

Below are the pictures of where the fake drinks come from. Next time you buy Coca Cola or Sprite, you will have to be more careful.


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