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VIRAL: What 2015 Miss Universe Contestants Look Like Without Make Up? You Should Check This Out!

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The Miss Universe Pageant joins 80 breathtaking contestants from every corner of the world to compete for the title of being the world’s supreme epitome for beauty, intelligence and grace. No doubt that they really look gorgeous on their gowns and swimsuits.

Viewers all over the world have their own favorites from the beautiful contestants. Aside from the save a name mix-up controversy, most of the contestants posted their pictures without make-up.

Some of the women snapped selfies before the competition. They showed off their natural beauty with no false eyelashes, no red lips and contoured faces. They weren’t shy on displaying their dark under eye circles, messy hair and freckles.

Those posts were done as part of the #ConfidentlyBeautiful campaign of the event to encourage everyone on the idea that beauty and attractiveness is not entirely focused on the physical aspect. This tells us that we can be beautiful with our imperfections.

Check out and see what the contestants look in their fresh-faced, without the help of their glam team.

1. Miss Australia
Miss Australia
2. Miss Peru
Miss Peru
3. Miss Ireland 
Miss Ireland
4. Miss Dominican Republic
Miss Dominican Republic
5. Miss Ghana
Miss Ghana
6. Miss Ecuador
Miss Ecuador
7. Miss Bahamas
Miss Bahamas
8. Miss Argentina
Miss Argentina
9. Miss South Africa
Miss South Africa
10. Miss Haiti
Miss Haiti
11. Miss Indonesia
Miss Indonesia
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