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VIRAL: Taxi Driver and Drunk Man's Debate on Philippine Government Rounds on Social Media!

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No one could skip a great debate, and this is what happened here in this video after a drunk man asked too much question to a taxi driver who's ready to answer everything with loads of good arguments.

Everyone is aware about the Philippine government and how it is getting flunked out of the other countries because of the said low security and modus operandis of other officials including the 'Laglag Bala' inside the NAIA airport.

The driver and the drunk passenger infront is just having a normal conversation about politics, policemen and anything that is to talk about the government. But something happened at the end that blew my mind off.. σΎσΎŒ»σΎ†πŸ˜Ž #worthyourtime #justsharing
Posted by Jessie Valdez Iglesias on Saturday, January 2, 2016

Watch and see how the mind feeding debate ends with a baffling conclusion. This you should never miss!

These people inside the cab had a great time listening to the arguments that both thrown to each other and had a good laugh at the end of the ride.


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