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VIRAL: The Reason Why This Daughter's Toys Kept Missing Will Make You Discomfit!

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This is one hilarious steeling story. Joanne Moser have an eight years old daughter who is always crying in the morning saying that her toys was stolen by someone at night. Joanne find this situation very funny as she knows that there is no robber entered their house.

The daughter showed her the proof that the toys are taking away from her room and its happening during when she was sleeping. 

Joanne was too eager to solve this mysterious case, she decided to put their old camera in front of her daughter's room. They found out that the suspect behind thing was her younger son. Her smart little son was using a fingernail clipper  just to open the locked door of his sister.

This was too funny for their family, they couldn't imagine how this little kid planned and come up to this kind of hilarious thing just to take that precious toys.

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