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Viral: Prisoner Caught on Cam Trying to Escape Jail Through the Toilet!

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The life of a prisoner was very unusual from that of today's prisons. The prisoners were treated as animals and measured less of a human because of their lawlessness. When in prison, the life of the prisoners was not as strict as today's.

There were windows that they could look through in order to beg for charity from the people walking by, and "sometimes the prisoners would be allowed to sell things at the prison gates".

The convicted were not exposed of their belongings like in today's prisons, but they were searched for weapons that could be used to escape. Once inside, the prisoner was assigned a small cell made of hard walls, floors covered in dirt and a bed. If the prisoner was lucky, this bed consisted of a tiny hammock tied to opposite walls, but often times it was made of a wooden bench. For meals the prisoners were scarcely fed, but if they were, small rations of bread and water were given. Many times the prisoners died of hunger and dehydration.

That’s why there’s a man who was spending time in a Brazilian jail attempted to escape using the “Shawshank Redemption-style” via the prison sewer system. However, things went twisted when he made his way through the communal toilet. A video released showed a prisoner trying to crawl headfirst through a hole, not minding the fact that he was surrounded by waste.

However, as he jammed himself deeper into the clogged toilet pipes, two men ended his journey to freedom by grabbing his legs and pulling him out. In another shot, the man can be seen back in a prison cell, still covered with toilet wastes.

Source: TheDailyPedia


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