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VIRAL: Man Caught By the Police After Pretending That He Has No Left Leg!

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While some people are looking for a descent job there are still those people who is trying to cheat just to earn some money. Some people choose to engaged to those bad deeds like steeling or robbing, others are selling fake things and cheat just to earn more money. One more case is when someone pretends that they are sick or a person with disability just to asked for money.

We can not really say now in this modern society which is true or not, who are fake or real, like this man on the video. At first, you might think that its a kind of humiliating a person with disability in public, but! shocking thing about it is when the police asked this man to remove his pants.

Buking si kuya, nagpapanggap na putol paa.. minsan dapat tayong maging mapanuri huwag kagad pairalin ang awa upang hindi maloko..
Posted by Trending kay BERTO on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

After a few minutes of taking off all his pants, the truth revealed on this video, watch how police officer caught this man. Its really sad to know that healthy people needs to do this thing just to earn money while some who are actually sick or with disability are risking and using their energy left to work or sell small things like flowers on the streets. Please be aware of this kind of things.


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