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Viral: Baby Survives a Year Being Born Without His Complete Skull... Watch How He Defies All Odds!

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A rare brain malfunction that causes most of the skull and brain to remain undeveloped made the doctors give a Florida boy just days to live. Doctors didn’t think Jaxon would survive long after his birth on August 27, 2014, but he has since celebrated his first birthday and is thriving.

Jaxon Emmett Buell in Nickname of Jaxon Strong, who has an extremely rare brain malformation called microhydranencephaly.

“It’s all been so overwhelming in a positive way because we can’t go anywhere without someone stopping us, and saying, ’Hey, what’s your story?’ or they would have seen his picture and say, ’Hey, look it’s Jax Strong!’ – his nickname! It’s truly incredible the amount of people he has had an impact on,” Brittany Buell told the Daily Mail.

Jax didn’t just survive until birth – he’s also defied doctors’ predictions that he would never walk, never talk, never hear and never see.

Watch the full Video and witness the most wonderful miracle anyone had ever expected!

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