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Unknown Creature Now Covering Up Social Media's Trending Topics!

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Sigbin or Segben is known creature in Philippine mythology which was said that coming out at night and sucking the blood of the victims from their shadows. They are said to walk along anyone's backyard heads are lifted down to cover their selves as they also have the ability to become invisible to any creatures especially to human which is their favorite victims.

People strongly believe that this kind of creatures is living from the forest and just reaching nearby houses or roadside from them in the provinces. Many people are terrified to see this scary monster that is people people are always advised to come home early for the safety purposes.

Recently, there has been an alleged picture spreading online. It was taken from Cebu in the Philippines. People believed that caught one Sigbin, people immediately cage it and show it in public. Officials from that barangay are giving warn the people because they believed that some of the members of that Sigbi will come to make revenge and rescue him.


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  1. Totoo po yan ang mali po ay di po sa Philippines na-captured po yang unknown creature na po yan sa China po sa isang Toxic River po..

  2. That's a fukn shaved bear 😬😠

  3. That creature named Chupacabra that sucks the blood of the goat.

  4. That's a borneo sun bear.

    1. *hairless borneo sun bear


  5. This is a malnourished sun bear and it needs treatment. I am from Cebu and no news came out about this creature. Please check your grammar I can sense that you are too ignorant to make up stories. This is an endangered species and you want to make this viral so they will kill it? Shame on your website and your name!




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