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Truth About the Student Who Stole Money from OFW Parents To Take GF on Motel for 24hrs Trends Online!

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When the story of a maritime student who is allegedly stealing money from his OFW parents goes viral, the relative of the guy showed up and confirmed the true story. The rumor started after a Facebook user named Eya Jhoice Samillano stated in her post about the conversation she allegedly overheard. John John was the maritime student and he was talking to his friend. In their conversation, Eya narrated how John John steals the money and how he will spend all of it, including his plan to take his GF to a motel.

After the post went viral, Villarin deleted her post but some netizens got a chance to capture a copy of her statement. Two days after John was featured in several blog sites in the Philippines, his cousin clarifies the issue. She said that the viral story is just a hoax and her cousin is the real victim.

“Let’s be careful sa mga shineshare/nilalike nating post. Everything about this post is not true. This is my cousin and his parents are not working abroad. Please spread these guys. Thank you! My cousin is a victim here. Thank you so much sa mga magshishare. Godbless us all!” she added.

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